Adam Elliott including generated new proceed to Canberra along side out-of-seasons that will be anticipated to initiate from the secure

Adam Elliott including generated new proceed to Canberra along side out-of-seasons that will be anticipated to initiate from the secure

Josh Curran 12

Analysis: All attention would be towards Raiders’ the brand new-search halves combination already been Round step one, which have former Titans co-head Jamal Fogarty joining the latest Environmentally friendly Server. Inspite of the club’s decision never to promote Josh Hodgson a unique package past in 2010, coach Ricky Stuart is still likely to begin brand new experienced and you may up coming move your to help you secure when Tom Starling occurs so you’re able to run amok regarding dummy-50 % of. Co-captain Jarrod Croker is actually touch-and-follow in the process of a leg procedure for the October however, will do that which you you can to get in a position getting Bullet 1, if you are Corey Horsburgh is back to get hold of studies shortly after neck procedures that will be seeking to getting fit for brand new Raiders’ very first games. Nick Cotric is a welcomed go back just after one to seasons on Bulldogs and will slot back to on the wing with Harley Smith-Safeguards and you will Partial Valemei really missing out.

Full team: Nick Cotric (2024), Jarrod Croker (2023, PO 2024), Adam Elliott (2022), Jamal Fogarty (2024), Matt Frawley (2022), Emre Guler (2023), Corey Harawira-Naera (2022), Josh Hodgson (2022), Albert Hopoate (2022), Peter Hola (2023, CO 2024), Corey Horsburgh (2022), Sebastian Kris (2024), Trey Mooney (2024), Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (2023), Josh Papalii (2024, MO 2025), Michael jordan Rapana (2023), Harry Rushton (2023), Xavier Savage (2023), Brad Schneider (2023), Harley Smith-Safeguards (2023), Tom Starling (2022), Ryan Sutton (2022), Joe Tapine (2023), Matthew Timoko (2024), Semi Valemei (2024), Elliott Black-head (2024), Jack Wighton (2022, PO 2023 and you will 2024), Sam Williams (2022), Hudson Young (2024)

step one. Tyrell Sloan 2. Cody Ramsey step three. Moses Suli cuatro. Zac Lomax 5. Mikaele Ravalawa six. Jayden Sullivan 7. Ben Seem 8. Blake Lawire 9. Andrew McCullough ten. Aaron Trees eleven. Jaydn Su’A 12. Tariq Sims 13. Jack de Belin 14. Moses Mbye fifteen. George Burgess sixteen. Francis Molo 17. Jack Bird

Analysis: It’s time towards Dragons’ next age group and make its sey usually race to your No.step one jersey however, we’re tipping advisor Anthony Griffin to give Sloan the original decide to try and play Ramsey on the side. Jayden Sullivan is claimed to-be new chief for five-8th that may see the fresh generate Moses Mbye become the Reddish V’s supersub and you may Talatau Amone unfortauntely drop out of one’s 17. Ben Seem productivity away from a cracked sleeve you to wiped him away of last five game from past season. Griffin can add their recruits Aaron Trees, Jaydn Su’A, George Burgess and you may Francis Molo towards pass pack along with intentions to play Jack Bird given that one minute-rower he may initiate the season off of the table. Josh McGuire might be obligated to check out with the regarding sidelines on account of a lengthy ban.

Complete group: Daniel Alvaro (2022), Talatau Amone (2023), Jack Bird (2022), George Burgess (2023), Billy Injury (2022), Jack de- Belin (2023, PO 2024), Matthew Feagai (2024), Max Feagai (2024), Poasa Faamausili (2022), Jackson Ford (2022), Tyrell Fuimaono (2023), Jack Gosiewski (2022), Ben Search (2023), Josh Kerr (2023), Blake Lawrie (2022), Zac Lomax (2026), Moses Mbye (2023), Andrew McCullough (2023), Josh McGuire (2022), Tautau Moga (2022), Francis Molo (2024), Cody Ramsey (2024), Mikaele Ravalawa (2023 PO 2024), Tariq Sims (2022), Jaydn Su’A (2024), Moses Suli (2024), Jayden Sullivan (2025), Aaron Trees (2022, PO 2023)

The new hire Moses Suli tend to sign-up Zac Lomax to create good dangerous heart combining, as Feagai twins helps to keep the pressure into the Mikaele Ravalawa – and you will Ramsey – getting Round step 1 choices

1. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak dos. Jesse Arthars step three. Adam Pompey 4. Rocco Berry 5. Marcelo Montoya six. Ashley Taylor 7. Shaun Johnson 8. Addin Fonua-Blake 9. Wayde Egan ten. Bunty Afoa eleven. Euan Aitken thirteen. Bayley Sironen 14. Kodi Nikorima fifteen. Jazz Tevaga 16. Ben Murdoch-Masila 17. Aaron Pene

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