I know that I was not being wise about this whole little adventure, But this is sooo unprofessional!

I know that I was not being wise about this whole little adventure, But this is sooo unprofessional!

It wasn’t as bad during my second procedure

And when I signed the form, I asked the consultant, she said that it wasn’t a big deal and I wouldn’t get my money back if I didn’t go a head with the procedure. They on purposely had me pay upfront knowing this was going to be a big deal. And then informing me the day of the procedure when it was too late to get my money back. And guess what? Not returning my calls until I had informed them on a phone message that I had had to go the emergency room. Listen, I’m 60, have had 2 babies 2 back surgeries and TMJ. The pain I had after this surgery was off the CHARTS!

I don’t have any scars on my stomach and I definitely don’t want any now

And I know pain. They should have been upfront about this, before taking my money! I have waited until months after the procedure so I could calm down and write this. Beware!

I am 3 1/2 weeks out from having my upper/lower abs, flanks, hips, and back done. I am also 5 days out from having my inner thighs and arms done. I went in with realistic expectations. I was able to notice my back fat gone immediately! Other areas I notice more as the days grow. I was super sore in my upper abs the most front the first procedure with very minimal bruising. The second procedure I was told would be a lot more bruising and they were right. My thighs are extremely bruised and hurt but I’m tolerating it. I’m wearing my compression suit pretty much 24 hours a day. The staff at the Cranberry office in PA is extremely nice and helpful!! They are very welcoming to answer any questions and were not pressuring at all when I had my consultation appointment. The dr did suggest I add on my hips to the procedure and explain in detail why. It was totally up to me, with no pressure whatsoever to decide if I wanted to or not. Scheduling was fast. My only complaint was the initial numbing process which they said was exceptionally more painful for me because I’ve had several prior surgeries and have built up scar tissue that the dr had to go through. I feel bad that so many have negative reviews because I had such a great experience.

Having read so many cases here of Sono Bello not returning the deposit, I hope people know that in at least some states, there is no such thing as a non-refundable deposit. If the service doesn’t happen, they must refund the deposit.

I was wondering if all the [negative and positive] reviews on here are real. First, there’s no mention of the clinics and surgeons’ complete names and the locations’ addresses where their procedure was done. Second, it seems to me that this approach is seemly to market a product or service other than that of Sono Bello.

Thanks everyone for the comments. I am so glad I read them. I had an appointment today and I asked my son if this would be a good idea. He advised me to read comments luckycrush does work because he haven’t had a chance to research Sono Belo. Well needless to say, I’m about to cancel my appointment today right after I finish this. Nor do I want to pay all the money and have no results. I’m going to do it the right way and exercise and lay off sweets and breads.

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