Manning , Harper and Black started something called the Northern Foundation

Manning , Harper and Black started something called the Northern Foundation

Ontario and Canada are the Province’s real family, among others

The US cartel was ecstatic over being able to drive a wedge between Alberta and the rest of Canada with the help of Preston, Steve and Conrad. An organization which backed the white South African Government in trying to keep Nelson Mandela in jail. Joining with our boys were white supremacists and Neo Nazis. Black, then at the height of his powers with 400 newspapers censored this kind of news. Canadians have never been told about the disreputable background of Manning and Harper et al. Alberta became estranged from its’ true Canadian family and fell into the tight grip of the US oil cartel. Imagine having a gang of such carpetbaggers for relations?

Who knows how much Smith has gotten since?

Ottawa and Ontario paid for Alberta to get into the oil business starting in 1948. As I have said before, I myself was forced to pay extra for my gasoline in the 1950s / 60s to help fund Alberta’s entry into the oil business. Albertans are never told about this by the bribed media which is owned lock stock and barrel by the oil cartel, especially in the West. Imperial oil only made its’ presence known sometime after all the bills were paid by Canadians like me. Albertans, over the years, benefited a little bit from the fortune that was being drained for the Province. CAPP, the oil cartel public relations [ propaganda ] arm stated that in 2010 the industry exported $ 125 billion in oil resources and paid Alberta a little more than $ 10 billion.

A good deal for the Americans. A lousy deal for Albertans and Canadians but a deal backed to the hilt by Herr Harper. Some of that profit got / gets spent on the cartel’s coup d’etat in Ottawa. Can you see now why Harper and his Fascists have so much money. Danielle Smith and the Wild Rose were given $ 250,000 from the oil cartel to get cranked up. But the bribed media never does a single story about the financing of the Harper / Smith parties. Rather the media points fingers at Premier Reford’s contibutors. The reason for CAPP is that doles out advertising money [ placing huge nonsense ads ] to all in the bribed media to ensure nice things are said about the tar sands and oil in general.

Canadians, that is your biggest threat, the bribed media, which features nothing but self dealing on the part of the oilies, the rich and powerful. Once the whole of Alberta was in the hands of the cartel it seemed like it was a done deal, set in stone. But then the storm clouds began to gather. Global Warming arrived on the scene and Liberals in Ottawa started making noises about a clean up in the Alberta tar sands particularly, Kyoto and all that. The US oil cartel has global reach [ but is now in rapid decline ] due to possessing a Washington sanctioned monopoly [ illegal for everyone else ] [ thus a licence to steal ]. It makes up its’ own rules and Washington makes up the rules for everyone else.

Just like Conrad Black. No matter where this cartel is in the world they don’t do garbage or cleanup. It is beneath them. The politicians and the bribed media are paid off in each country, resulting the toxic filth being left for the locals to deal with. These companies continued to operate using their own names to cover the fact that they were and are colluding. The result was the US oil cartel as we know it to-day. It spends tens of millions around the world funding climate deniers, undermining alternative forms of energy and destroying the planet for profit . The delivery system for this harmful propaganda is the bribed media which will do anything for a cheque. Paul Godfrey would probably throw in his grandkids if you sent him a cheque with your lies.

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