Who Are South American Mail Order Brides?

Who Are South American Mail Order Brides?

Hello! I am a former Latin mail order bride and now I am a happy wife. My husband is the marketing director of an international company, we have two children and a wonderful marriage. All this would not happen if one day I did not decide to register on a dating website.

Do you need to look for a wife or husband now?

  • 49 years is a critical age for the first marriage.
  • The chances of divorce are reduced by 50% if the family lasted 7 years.
  • Married men are more likely to occupy higher positions at work, they are more likely to be promoted up the career ladder, they are more trusted than unmarried employees.
  • Married women earn about 4-5% more than their unmarried colleagues.
  • 80% of those who divorced due to an outside connection regret their decision.
  • Married men and married women live longer than bachelors and unmarried women.

These facts prove that married people are happier even despite a high percentage of divorces. In the end, people get divorced because they do not know each other well enough. And according to statistics, people who are addicted to the Internet have a stronger and longer erican brides.

Mail order bride with foreigners

Why are girls from the CIS countries, Asia and Latin America so suitable for our men? Because they are looking for the same thing – the opportunity to start a family. I know many international couples who met on the Internet and here are the advantages of such a marriage that I observe:

  1. Women are family-focused. When you become familiar with South American mail order brides, you know https://hookupdate.net/how-much-is-eharmony/ her specific purpose. The goal of such a woman is to ily and raise children in peace and security.
  2. Love. You can definitely find the one woman you fall in love with. They are all charming, but when you find her, you will feel surrounded by warmth, care and love.
  3. They are not spoiled. These girls know how to act in the interests of the family, and not just herself. She will go with your grief and joy, and will not require new shoes every week.
  4. She always gives the last piece of the pie to her family.

What are the bonuses from getting married to Latin mail order brides

When I met my husband for the first time, we began our new journey and it was a magical time that continues to this day. When you start a relationship with a foreigner, your passion turns into constant research. During this time, we have become wiser and happier.

When you have national barriers, you begin to listen more to each other and try to understand your partner. You also constantly study other traditions, language, habits, etc.

It turned out to be an interesting experience to raise international children. According to statistics, such children are smarter and faster to learn. We noticed this because our children have been bilingual since childhood.

The bonuses from marrying a foreigner are quite obvious. Firstly, you can find yourself a real beauty to your taste. Slavs, Asians, Latins – the whole world at your feet. Do not deny yourself to hurt and choose the most beautiful. To be honest, a foreign wife is attractive. Your neighbor will probably envy you because not everyone has the opportunity to make their marriage so exotic. So how to get a mail order bride?

Where is the best dating online

I know some sites that I can recommend to anyone who is looking for a serious relationship with Latin mail order brides. These sites are highly rated and many couples found each other there.

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